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What is the Coogan Law? Understanding Child Performer Protections

Frequently Asked Questions about the Coogan Law

Question Answer
What is Coogan Law? The Coogan Law, also known as the Coogan Act, is a California law that protects a portion of a child actor`s earnings. It requires a child actor`s employer to set aside 15% of the actor`s gross earnings in a trust account, which can only be accessed by the actor when they turn 18.
Who does the Coogan Law apply to? The Coogan Law applies to child actors under the age of 18 who work in the entertainment industry in California.
What is the Coogan Law? The purpose Coogan Law protect child actors financial exploitation ensure access earnings reach adulthood.
What happens to the money in the Coogan account? The money in the Coogan account is held in trust until the child actor turns 18. At point, actor access funds, still subject taxes financial regulations.
Are exceptions Coogan Law? There exceptions Coogan Law, certain types performances employment, exceptions limited generally apply child actors entertainment industry.
What are the consequences for violating the Coogan Law? Violating the Coogan Law can result in fines, penalties, and legal action. Employers who fail to comply with the law may face serious consequences.
How can a child actor access their Coogan account? Once a child actor turns 18, they can access their Coogan account by providing proper identification and following the necessary procedures set forth by the financial institution holding the account.
Can a child actor`s parent or guardian access the Coogan account before the child turns 18? No, Coogan account specifically child actor accessed parent guardian child reaches age majority.
How child actor ensure employer complies Coogan Law? It is important for child actors and their parents to be familiar with the Coogan Law and to work with experienced legal and financial professionals who can ensure that the employer complies with the law and properly handles the child actor`s earnings.
Is the Coogan Law unique to California? While the Coogan Law is specific to California, other states may have similar laws or regulations in place to protect the earnings of child performers in the entertainment industry.


What Coogan Law?

The Coogan Law, also known as the California Child Actor`s Bill, is a state law in California that aims to protect child performers in the entertainment industry. This law is named after child actor Jackie Coogan and was enacted in 1939 to address the issue of parents and guardians mismanaging or squandering the earnings of child actors.

Key Provisions of the Coogan Law

Provision Description
15% Trust Fund Requirement The Coogan Law requires that a child performer`s employer withhold 15% of the child`s gross earnings and deposit it into a trust account. This ensures that a portion of the child`s earnings is protected for their future use.
Parental Consent Parents or guardians of child performers must consent to the child`s employment and the establishment of the trust fund. They are also required to provide the child`s work permit and birth certificate.
Education Requirement Employers are required to provide a child performer with at least three hours of education each day on set. This ensures that the child`s education is not neglected while working in the entertainment industry.

Impact Coogan Law

The Coogan Law has had a significant impact on the protection of child performers in the entertainment industry. According to the Coogan Law Quarterly Report, over $250 million has been deposited into Coogan accounts to date, ensuring that child performers have access to their earnings once they reach adulthood.

Case Study: Jackie Coogan

Jackie Coogan, the namesake of the Coogan Law, was a child star who earned millions of dollars during his acting career. Unfortunately, his mother and stepfather mismanaged his earnings, leaving him with very little money as an adult. This case brought attention to the issue of child actors being exploited by their parents or guardians, leading to the enactment of the Coogan Law to prevent similar situations in the future.


The Coogan Law serves as a crucial protection for child performers in the entertainment industry, ensuring that their earnings are preserved for their benefit. This law has been instrumental in preventing the exploitation of child actors and has set a precedent for other states to enact similar legislation. It stands as a testament to the importance of safeguarding the welfare and future of young individuals in the entertainment industry.


Understanding the Coogan Law

The Coogan Law, also known as the California Child Actor`s Bill (AB 2022), is a legal provision designed to protect child performers in the entertainment industry. This contract serves as a legal agreement outlining the rights and responsibilities related to the Coogan Law.

Parties [Party Name 1] [Party Name 2]
Effective Date [Date] [Date]
Background The Coogan Law requires that a portion of a child performer`s earnings be set aside in a trust account for their benefit, to ensure financial security and future stability.
Terms Conditions The parties hereby agree to comply with the provisions of the Coogan Law, including the establishment and maintenance of a Coogan Trust Account, as required by law.
Termination This contract shall terminate upon the fulfillment of all obligations under the Coogan Law or as otherwise required by law.
Applicable Law This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California.
Signatures [Signature] [Signature]

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